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USER parameter used to identify the submitter of the job by the system. USER is an optional parameter. Userid is used by RACF and other system components. If the installation contains the feature for propagation of user and group identification, USER and PASSWORD parameters required in the below cases.

  • JOBs submitted by one user for another user
  • JOBs executed at another network node that uses RACF protection.
  • Batch job submitted through an input stream.

Syntax -


Userid Specifies the userid of the current job submitter.
The userid is 1 through 8 characters.
The userid can be combination of alphanumeric and national characters.
The first character must be alphabetic or national character.

Default and overrides:

When required and USER parameter not specified, RACF assigns a default user id and group id.



This statement identifies the user MTHUSER submitting this job.