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JOB card is used identify the job or the unit of work the operating system to perform. JOB card is the first statement to the JOB. JOB card should always be coded as a first statement in the JOB.

JOB card should be coded only once in the specific JOB. JOB card is the first control statement in the JOB. JCL language requires JOB card to identify the particular JOB.

JOB card used to make the OS also aware of the specific JOB after submission. JOB card started with slashes (‘//’) in the first two positions.

JOB card can be coded in the multiple lines without having the continuation character in the 72th column. JOB card has the accounting information and job related information.

JOB card has multiple parameters which actually plays a key role in identifying the account information, user information and also providing the information about how to run the particular job.

JOB card contains JOB name, JOB operation & JOB parameters (which are applied to the entire Job). JOB parameters treated as global and applied to each step in JCL unless the step has specified parameters.

JOB card syntax can be like below

//JOB-name JOB	JOB-card parameters

JOB card statement can be divided into 3 parts.

  1. JOB Name
  2. JOB Operation
  3. JOB card parameters

JOB name:

JOB name is useful to identify the job. JOB name needs to provide at the very first in the JOB. JOB name is of length 8 characters. JOB name starts from 3rd character and ends at 10th character. JOB name can be 8 characters or less than 8 characters. JOB name can be anyone of the following.

  1. Next available name in the system for PROD jobs.
  2. Userid of the user who submitted the JOB.
  3. Task name which will be completed by the specific JOB.

There are no specific rules to name the job. The job names, the member name of the specific JOB are mostly same. Refer the below example.



JOB Operation/keyword:

JOB keyword is used to identify the JOB card. JOB keyword can only code with JOB card. JOB keyword used to code only once in JCL because JOB card is unique for entire JCL. If another JOB keyword coded, then JCL language will treat it as a separate job from the point JOB keyword coded.

Syntax -

//JOB-name JOB JOB-card parameters

JOB Card parameters:

JOB card parameters are treated as global parameters to the specific JOB. JOB card parameters apply to each step of the JOB. JOB card parameters can be ignore if the specific step has any parameters defined.

If any parameter coded at step level and JOB level, the priority is step level parameters and next JOB level parameters. JOB card parameters can be divided into two types based on their usage.

  1. Positional parameters
  2. Keyword parameters.

JOB card parameters can can be explained in detail here .