Summary -

In this page, we describes about audiences, objective, prerequisites and the topics that are covered as part of tutorial.

Introduction -

DB2 is well known as Data base 2 which is introduced by IBM. It is known as Relational database (Relational is nothing but the data stored will have a relation in between). The relational data stored in format of TABLE which contains Tuples (ROWS) and the row consists of Attributes (COLUMNS).

DB2 is almost similar to the SQL (Structured Query Language) but with some additional features and mainly used to process the large amount of data from the Mainframe application.

Audiences -

In this tutorial, all the topics are covered with in-depth information and can understandable by anyone.

Objective -

The tutorial is intended for the readers with no previous programming or computer science experience as well as for those with some computing background.

Prerequisites -

Need to learn COBOL, JCL languages if learning for processing DB2 tables from COBOL programs. Learn COBOL tutorial at COBOL Tutorial

Learn JCL tutorial at JCL Tutorial

There are no prerequisites to learn DB2 language if learning the DB2 only for Database knowledge. Having the computation background will be an advantage in understanding the concepts a bit easy. Without having computation background, it is a bit time taking to understand the concepts and need to go through the topic more than once to understand clearly.