Summary -

In this topic, we described about the Storage Group with detailed example.

Storage group is nothing but the collection of same type volumes. In other words, A Storage group is nothing but a set of storage objects. A Storage group can have data sets in which the tables and indexes actually stored.

The volumes must have the direct access. One storage group can contain maximum 133 volumes in it. A stored group can contain databases, table spaces, tables, indexes etc,.

To create the storage group, the user must have the SYSADM or SYSCTRL authority. Stored groups can be created by using CREATE STOGROUP.

Syntax -

CREATE STOGROUP Stroage-grp-name
VOLUMES (Volume-1, Volume-2… volume-n)
VCAT Vcat-name;

In the above syntax, Stroage-grp-name can be the storage group name that is going to create and can contain up to 128 characters.


Specifies to the system that what are all the volumes used to create storage group. To define a storage group, volumes must be specified.

Volume serial number can contain maximum of 6 characters. Storage group can contain more than one volume.

If Volumes clause is ignored then the volumes will be selected by using SMS (Storage Management System).


Identifies the system integrated catalog facility for the storage group. Vcat-name can be 8 characters and can also use more than 8 characters.

If the name of storage group is more than 8 characters, An alias name should be declared for the same stored group. Storage group details can be stored in SYSIBM.SYSSTOGROUP