Summary -

In this topic, we described about the UJOBCORR with detailed example.

UJOBCORR used to specify user portion of job correlator. Job correlator is a 64 bit unique key used to identify the job to JES. JOBCORR is a combination of system generated value and user specified value. In JOBCORR, first 32 bytes are system generated value and next 32 bytes are the user portion. UJOBCORR is an optional parameter.

Syntax -


User-correlator User-correlator name is 1 through 32 characters.
User-correlator name can be combination of alphanumeric, national characters and _.
If _(underscore) used, then User-correlator should be specified in single quotes.
The User-correlator name must be start with alphabetic or national character.
A value of * (asterisk) indicates any ujobcorr name that submitted the job.



The user portion of the job correlator is set to MTH_EXAMPLE.