PASSWORD Parameter

Note! PASSWORD parameter can be coded only at the job level.

The PASSWORD parameter is used to identify the current RACF password and also used to specify the new password when the current password expires. The PASSWORD is a keyword parameter and is optional.

USER and PASSWORD parameters are required in the below cases -

  • JOBs submitted by one user for another user.
  • JOBs are executed at another network node that uses RACF protection.
  • Batch job submitted through an input stream.

Syntax -

password Specifies the user’s current TSO password.
new-password Specifies the user’s new TSO password. The new password is mandatory when the current password expires. In all other cases, it is optional.

Examples -

Scenario1 - Submitting a JOB with password.


The job submits with ABCD9 as the current password for the RACF user MTHUSR.

Scenario2 - Submitting a JOB to change the password.


The job requests that the system change the MTHUSR RACF password from ABCD9 to WXYZ9# once it is submitted.