DD RECORG Parameter

Note! RECORG parameter is required only when we are creating a dataset.

The RECORG parameter is used to specify the record organization for the new dataset. It is only applicable while creating a VSAM dataset with SMS. RECORG is an optional parameter.

Syntax -

KS Specifies a VSAM KSDS.
ES Specifies a VSAM ESDS.
RR Specifies a VSAM RRDS.
LS Specifies a VSAM LDS.

Default and overrides -

If the RECORG parameter is coded, it overrides the record organization defined in the DATACLAS for the dataset.

Examples -

Scenario - Overrides the default record organization by using RECORG.

//          DATACLAS=DCLAS07,
//          DISP=(NEW,KEEP),
//          RECORG=KS