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SCHENV parameter used to specify the Workload Manager (WLM) scheduling environment to which the current job is associated with. Scheduling environment is a list of resources and their required settings.

If a job is associated with scheduling environment, user must ensure that the job scheduled only for running on a system which satisfies the requirements of job.

SCHENV mostly used in PRODUCTION jobs. SCHENV is an optional parameter.Do not specify the SCHENV parameter for a started task.

Syntax -


schenv-name Specifies the name of WLM scheduling environment associated with JOB.
Scheduled environment name is 1 through 16 characters.
Scheduled environment name can be combination of alphanumeric, national characters and _.
If _(underscore) used, then schenv-name should be specified in single quotes.

Default and overrides:

If SCHENV not specified, the JOB will not associate with any of the scheduled environment.

Example 1:


MTHEXMP1 is associated with the MTHENV scheduling environment.