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SECLABEL parameter used to specify the security level at which the job is to execute when submitted. SECLABLE represents the security level and categories defined to RACF.

User must have authority and required privileges granted by system administrator to run under specific security level specified in job. The SECLABLE is optional parameter. Do not specify SECLABEL parameter for a started task.

Syntax -

Sec-label-name Specifies the security label name defined by system administrator during installation.
Security label name is 1 through 8 characters.
Security label name can be combination of alphanumeric and national characters.
The first character should be non-numeric.

Default and overrides:

If SECLABEL parameter is not specified, then system uses the system default security label for the user RACF.

Example 1:


MTHEXMP1 executes at a security level defined for security label MTHLBL.