Summary -

In this topic, we described about the SYSABEND with detailed example.

SYSABEND DD statement used to direct the system to produce dump. System produces the dump when the job abends abnormally. If the JOB successfully completed, then system will not generate any dump even though SYSABEND coded. SYSABEND dumps for system and user areas. SYSABEND can also dump the input output control blocks for failed task.

SYSABEND is used to dump the contents of various registers variables, datasets accessed and The Nucleus at the time of abnormal termination. The dump will be in hexadecimal format. SYSABEND is the dd name which contains a summary dump for the failing program.

Syntax -

//SYSABEND  DD parameter[,parameter]...  [comments]

Do not place two DD statements with the same dump ddname.



SYSABEND DD statement specifies that the dump is to be stored. If the step successfully execute, the second DISP sub parameter DELETE in STEP2 instructs the system to delete the data set and free the space acquired for dumping.