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OUTLIM parameter used to limit the logical records number in the SYSOUT dataset for the specified DD statement. If the limit specified with OUTLIM reached, the system checks for installation-written routine to determine whether to terminate the job or increase the limit.

If the installation does not supply a routine, the system terminates the job. OUTLIM is valid only on DD statement with a SYSOUT statement.

Syntax -

number Specifies the number of logical records.
The number is 1 through 8 decimal digits.
The value from 1 through 16777215.

Defaults and overrides:

If no OUTLIM parameter is specified or OUTLIM=0 is coded, JES3 uses an installation default specified at initialization.If output is not limited by JES control statements, JES3 uses an installation default specified at initialization. In the above both cases, JES2 provides no installation default at initialization.



The limit for the number of logical records is 700.