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GROUP parameter is used to specify the RACF-defined group to which RACF-user group to be connected. RACF places each user to a specific or default group during the creating.

GROUP parameter is needed only to specify a RACF group other than users default group. GROUP is an optional parameter.

GROUP parameter is required when the JOB submitted by one RACF defined user for another RACF defined user. GROUP parameter is required when JOB executes at another network node which uses RACF protection.

Syntax -


Group-name Specifies the user RACF-defined group.
Group name is 1 to 8 characters length.
Group name allows alphanumeric or national ($, #, @) characters
First character must be alphabetic or national character.
First character must not be numeric.

Default and overrides:

If GROUP parameter is not specified and USER parameter specified, system assigns default RACF defined group for the specified user.

If GROUP and USER parameter not specified, system will not assign any group as group information not available in system installation exists.

Example 1:


In this example, the JOB statement specifies the default RACF group of MTHUSER assigned to the JOB.

Example 2:


In this example, the JOB statement specifies the MTHGROUP assigned to the JOB.