GROUP Parameter

Note! GROUP parameter can be coded only at the job level.

The GROUP parameter is used to specify the userID connecting the RACF-defined group. RACF places each user in a specific or default group during the creation.

GROUP parameter is mandatory when -

  • One RACF-defined user submits the JOB for another RACF-defined user.
  • Submit a job on another node.

GROUP is a keyword parameter and is optional.

Syntax -

Group-name Specifies the user RACF-defined group.

Default and overrides -

  • The system assigns the installation-default group if the GROUP parameter is not coded and the USER parameter is coded.
  • The system will not assign any group if GROUP and USER parameters are not coded.

Examples -

Scenario1 -


The job statement specifies the default RACF group MTHUSER assigned to the JOB.

Scenario2 - Ignore GROUP.


The JOB statement specifies no group assigned to the job.