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The parameters which are very specific to its position in JOB card called positional parameters. Positional parameters information needed for OS. Positional parameters starts immediately after JOB keyword specified.

Positional parameters starting position is 16th column after JOB keyword. Positional parameters are mandatory. There are two positional parameters available in JCL language.

  1. Accounting information
  2. Programmer name

Among the positional parameters programmer name can be bypassed by using ‘,’ which informs the system that programmer name bypassed. Accounting information enclosed with “()” and Programmer name enclosed with ‘’.

Accounting information and programmer name separated by comma (,). For positional parameters, order is very important.

Accounting information should provide first followed by programmer name. Accounting information and programmer name are independent and not dependent on any other.

Syntax -


Accounting information:

Accounting information describes to whom processor time is billed.Accounting information may be department or person.It is purely company defined.

Most of the cases the value of Account information is number.Accounting information can be an alphanumeric value.Accounting information may be a combination of one or more values.

Accounting information may vary from site to site or system to system.Accounting information is mandatory in JOB card.Accounting information enclosed with parenthesis “()”.

Accounting information also used to calculate the usage of CPU.User can’t able to submit a JOB without accounting information in it.

Syntax -


account-number Specifies an accounting number as defined during the installation.
accounting-information Specifies more information as defined during the installation.

The entire accounting information parameter must not exceed 143 characters.


If providing accounting information for an individual step within a job, code an ACCT parameter on the EXEC statement for the specific step.

Programmer name:

Programmer name is to identify who is responsible for the specific job. Programmer name might be single person name or group name or company name.

Programmer name is optional. Programmer name allows the combination of alphabets and numbers.Programmer name is immediately after the accounting information.

It is preceded by a comma after accounting information and is enclosed within apostrophes. Programmer name can be separated with Comma ‘,’ within apostrophes.

Programmer name can be bypassed by providing ‘ ‘. Programmer name can be used for accounting purpose.

Syntax -


Programmer’s-name Specifies the owner’s name.
Specifies more information as defined during the installation.

The name must not exceed 20 characters. The name contains special characters (including blanks), other than hyphens, leading periods, or embedded periods. Code each apostrophe as two consecutive apostrophes. For example, code I’ve as 'I”have'.


Simple JCL to explain different JCL statements.

=COLS> ----+---1---+---2---+---3---+---4----+---5---+---6---+----7--
****** ***************************** Top of Data ***************************
000002 //             TIME=1440,NOTIFY=&SYSUID                 
000005 //*                                                
000006 //*        EXAMPORG RUNNING STEP                   
000007 //*                                                  
000008 //STEP01  EXEC PGM=EXAMPROG                           
000012 //             DISP=(NEW,CATLG,DELETE),          
000013 //             UNIT=(SYSDA,20),                   
000014 //             SPACE=(CYL,(50,25)),                  
000015 //             DCB=(RECFM=FB,LRECL=80,BLKSIZE=0,BUFNO=2)  
000016 //*                                                
000017 //SYSPRINT DD  SYSOUT=*                       
000018 //SYSUDUMP DD  SYSOUT=*                           
000019 //SYSOUT   DD  SYSOUT=*                              
****** **************************** Bottom of Data *************************

Positional parameters