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In this topic, we described about the Introduction with detailed example.

IEBCOPY is a data set utility that is used to copy or merge members between one or more partitioned data sets or partitioned data sets extended (PDSEs). The copying can be full copy or partial copy.

IEBCOPY used to create a backup of a partitioned data set into a sequential data set and to copy members from the backup into a partitioned data set. IEBCOPY automatically lists the number of unused directory blocks.

IEBCOPY also lists the number of unused tracks that are available for member records if the output data set is a PDS. IEBCOPY to perform the following tasks –

  • Make a copy of a PDS or PDSE.
  • Merge partitioned data sets.
  • Create a sequential form of a PDS or PDSE for a backup or transport.
  • Reload one or more members from a PDSU into a partitioned data set or PDSE.
  • Select specific members of a partitioned data set or PDSE to be copied, loaded, or unloaded.
  • Replace members of a PDS or PDSE.
  • Rename selected members of a PDS or PDSE when copied.
  • Exclude members from a data set to be copied, unloaded, or loaded.
  • Compress a partitioned data set in place.
  • Upgrade a load module for faster loading by MVS program fetch.
  • Copy and re-block load modules.
  • Convert load modules in aPDS to program objects in a PDSE when copying a PDSto a PDSE.
  • Convert a PDSto a PDSE or a PDSE to a PDS.
  • Copy to or from a PDS or PDSE data set, a member and its aliases together as a group.

IEBCOPY returns a code in register 15 to specify the results of utility execution status. The return codes of IEBCOPY and the meanings are:

Codes Meaning
00 (X'00') Successful completion.
04 (X'04') One or more copy group operations completed unsuccessfully or uncompleted.
Recovery may be possible for this case.
08 (X'08') An unrecoverable error exists.
The utility ends.

IEBCOPY returns an eight-byte structure in register 0 which containing an ABEND code and the associated reason code if an ABEND occurred. Register 0 contains zeros if no ABEND occurred in that component.

IEBCOPY inputfor copy operation can be aPDS, or a PDSE, or unload data set that contains members to be copied, merged, altered, reblocked, loaded, or unloaded.

IEBCOPY output for copy operation can be aOutput data sets, which contain the copied, merged, altered, reblocked, or unloaded members. The output data set is either a new data set or an old data set. Let’s discuss each one in detail. Click on the below items