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  • Copying Members Have Alias Names

IEBCOPY can be used to copy the members that have alias names. The COPY statement for copying a PDS, PDSU, or PDSE that has members with alias names.

The COPYGRP or COPYGROUP statement is recommended for copying program objects. If the COPY statement is used to copy program objects, the below rules need to follow.


  • If copying an entire data set to a new data set, all members and their aliases will be copied.
  • If merging a data set with another data set, no members or aliases on the output data set will be changed.
  • When selectively copying from a partitioned data set, need to specify every name including their aliases.
  • When copying to or from a PDSE, specify the member's name.
  • If exclusively copying a data set, must specify not only a member's name and all of its alias names to exclude the member data from the copy operation.
  • The rules for replacing or renaming members apply to both aliases and members.