SEND CONTROL option used to send the control to the terminal without map or text data. This is dynamic way of sending the control to terminal.

Syntax -


Parameters -

CURSOR(data-value) -

Specifies the cursor position on the screen. This is an optional entry in SEND CONTROL. data-value must be a halfword binary(16-bit binary) value that specifies the cursor position relative to zero.

data-value values range is depending on the size of the screen used. CURSOR option overrides any IC option of the ATTRB operand of DFHMDF. If ACCUM is being used, the most recent value of CURSOR is used to position the cursor.

The value specified in the CURSOR option must be positive. If a negative value used that leads to unpredictable results.


Specifies about the need of the new page while sending the text to screen. This is an optional entry in SEND CONTROL. FORMFEED character is positioned at the start of the buffer.

Application program is responsible to ensure this buffer position is not overwritten by text data. FORMFEED is ignored if the target terminal does not support it. The text area can override the FORMFEED indicator.


This is an optional entry in SEND CONTROL. Erase option responsible for the below three tasks –

  • Erases the screen buffer or partition before sending the text to the screen.
  • Erases the screen print buffer before sending the text to the screen.
  • Places the cursor to the upper left corner of the screen before sending the text to screen.

The first output operation in any transaction should always have the ERASE option to clear the screen before the text is displayed on the screen. Otherwise, the new text will be overwritten on the existing screen without clearing it.

In a similar way, first output operation in series of pseudo conversations should have ERASE option coded to clear the screen before output operation performed.


ERASEUP erases all unprotected character locations or fields on the screen before sending the map to the screen. This is an optional entry in SEND CONTROL. ERASEUP performs the task as a is part of ERASE option.


PRINT Specifies the text printing needs to be started at printer. This is an optional entry in SEND CONTROL. If the PRINT option is not specified, the data sent to print buffer but not printed.


Specifies that the keyboard should be unlocked after the data written. This is an optional entry in SEND CONTROL. If the FREEKB option not specified, the keyboard remains locked.


Specifies that the 3270 audible alarm feature is to be activated. This is an optional entry in SEND CONTROL. ALARM instructs BMS to set the alarm flag in the FMH (Function Management Headers).


Sets the terminal to use the DEFAULT screen size.


Sets the terminal to use the ALTERNATE screen size.


Specifies the modified data tags (MDTs) of all fields are to be reset to the unmodified condition before any data is written to the buffer. This is an optional entry in SEND CONTROL.

The reset process will be completed before written the data to terminal buffer. If the FRSET option is not specified, the MDT of previous transactions may have overwritten the current SEND and might provide irrelevant results.

FRSET allows the ATTRB operand of DFHMDF for the requested map to control the final status of fields written or rewritten in response to a BMS command if no other attribute information has been written in the symbolic map.

SET(ptr-ref) -

Specifies the pointer to be set to the address of the input or output data. The SET option specifies that completed pages are to be returned to the application program.

The pointer is set to the address of completed pages list. The application program regains control immediately after the SEND TEXT command.

If TIOAPFX=YES is specified in map definition, the pointer contains the address of the TIOA prefix and user data starts at offset X'0C' from the start of the TIOA prefix.


Specifies the output data is not to be sent immediately to the terminal. The output data is to be placed in temporary storage and displayed in response to paging commands entered by the terminal operator. If PAGING is specified with a REQID prefix that is used for recoverable temporary storage queues.


Specifies the output data is to be sent to the terminal that originated the transaction.


Specifies the control should not be returned to the application program until the output operation has been completed. If WAIT is not specified, control returns to the application program when the output operation has started. A subsequent input or output command causes the application program to wait until the previous command has been completed.


Specifies this is the last output operation for a transaction. This option applies to logical units only.

REQID(name) -

Specifies a 2-character prefix to be as part of a temporary storage identifier for CICS message recovery. Only one prefix can be specified for each logical message. The default prefix is **.

Error Conditions -

Below are the list of error conditions may occur in combination. If more than one occurs, only the first is passed to the application program.

Error ConditionRESP2, Description & SolutionSystem Action
Occurs if the prefix specified in the REQID option is different from that established by a previous REQID option.
Solution -Debug the application program and find the previous REQID. Make sure the REQID should be same as previous REQID.
Task abnormally terminated
RESP2 not setControl information is output to the same partition or LDC while a BMS logical message is active.
Solution -Both serving the same purpose. Debug the application program and remove any one of them or prioritize them to work one after other.
Task abnormally terminated
Occurs if the SET option is specified and a completed page is ready for return to the application program.
Solution -Modify the application program not to complete the page before SEND CONTROL when SET option is specified.
Return control to the application program at the point immediately after the BMS SEND CONTROL command.
Occurs if there is an irrecoverable temporary storage input/output error.
Solution -Nothing required from application programmer end. Inform the error to storage support team and try after some time.
Task abnormally terminated