End the file browsing. ENDBR ends a browsing of a file on a local or a remote CICS region. If STARTBR was not successful, no need to issue ENDBR.

Syntax -

ENDBR Syntax

Parameters -

FILE(file-name) -

Specifies the name of the file being browsed.If SYSID is specified, the data set is on a remote system irrespective of the name is defined to CICS.

If SYSID is not specified, the data set assumed to be on the local system.Otherwise, the resource definition is used to find out whether the data set is on a local or a remote system.

REQID(data-value) -

data-value is a halfword binary value. Specifies a unique request identifier for a browse, used to control multiple browse operations on a file.If this option is not specified, a default value of zero is assumed.

SYSID(system-name) -

Specifies the system name to which the request is directed.

Error Conditions -

Below are the list of error conditions may occur in combination. If more than one occurs, only the first is passed to the application program.

Error ConditionRESP2, Description & SolutionSystem Action
1 - A file name in the FILE option is not defined to CICS.
Solution -Contact support team to define the FILE in CICS region.
Task abnormally terminated
110 - VSAM error occurs that is not in one of the other CICS response categories.
Solution -This might be due to the non-sequence of file operations. Debug the program to correct the logic.
Task abnormally terminated
35 - The REQID, SYSID or file name does not match any successful STARTBR command.
Solution -Modify the programming logic to pass the correct values to ENDBR command that matches with previous STARTBR command.
Task abnormally terminated
120 - There is an I/O error during the ENDBR operation.
Solution -An I/O error is any unusual event that is not covered by a CICS condition. For VSAM files, IOERR usually indicates a hardware error.
Task abnormally terminated
70 - The remote system indicates a failure that does not correspond to a known condition.
Solution -Contact remote system support team to resolve the issue.
Task abnormally terminated
101 - A resource security check has failed on FILE (filename).
Solution -Contact system administrator team to check whether the appropriate access added for the user or group. It will resolve the problem.
Task abnormally terminated
130 - The SYSID name specified is neither the local region nor a remote system or the link to the remote system is closed.
Solution -The specified SYSID name is not related to any system. Correct it. If the link to the remote system is closed, that might be due to the remote system is not up and running. Contact remote system support team.
Task abnormally terminated