ABEND command terminates a task abnormally. CICS automatically releases the main storage associated with the terminated task. Invoking the ABEND command causes the current transaction to abend.

Syntax -


The following message is written out to CEEMSG followed by a dump report when abend is occurred -

CEE3250C The system or user abend XXXX was issued. XXXX specifies the transaction dump code on the ABCODE option.

Options -

ABCODE(name) -

Specifies the terminating task main storage is dumped. The ABCODE is used as a transaction dump code to identify the dump. Do not start the name with the letter A, because this is reserved for CICS.

Note! If ABCODE is not used, the effect is the same as NODUMP.


Specifies the HANDLE ABEND commands established exits are ignored. An ABEND CANCEL command cancels all exits at any level in the task and terminates the task abnormally.


Specifies an abend occurs without causing a dump to be taken or ignored.