HANDLE ABEND handles an abnormal termination exit. HANDLE ABEND command used to activate, cancel or reactivate an exit for abnormal termination processing.

When a task terminates abnormally, CICS searches for an active abend exit in the application program in which the abend occurred and proceeding to successively higher levels.

Syntax -


Parameters -

If a COMMAREA has been established, it will be passed to the specified PROGRAM. If more than one application program was involved in the task, the COMMAREA passed to the abend exit is the COMMAREA of the program that issued the HANDLE ABEND command.

This might not be the COMMAREA of the program in which the abend occurred. If a current channel exists, it will be accessible from the specified PROGRAM.


Specifies previously established exit at the logical level of the application program in control is cancelled. Cancel option is the default.

LABEL(label) -

Specifies the control transferring program label or paragraph if abnormal termination occurs. AMODE(64) option can be used for only Cobol application programs.

PROGRAM(name) -

Specifies the control transferring program name if the task is terminated abnormally. If the abend condition is raised, the specified program is not already defined and the program is auto installed.


Specifies an exit cancelled by HANDLE ABEND CANCEL command or by CICS is reactivated. This option is usually issued by an abnormal termination exit routine.

Error Conditions -

Below are the list of error conditions may occur in combination. If more than one occurs, only the first is passed to the application program.

Error ConditionRESP2, Description & SolutionSystem Action
Occurs when a resource security check has failed on PROGRAM (name).
Solution -Application programmer doesn’t need to do anything. Contact system administrator team to check whether the appropriate access added for the user or group. It will resolve the problem.
Task abnormally terminated
1 - The program has no installed resource definition and auto install for programs is not active.
Solution -Contact system admin team to make the program entries in CICS region.

2 - The program is disabled.
Solution -Contact system admin team to enable the program entry.

9 - The installed program resource definition is for a remote program.
Solution -Contact system administrator to modify the entry if it is wrongly defined or Modify application program to change the call for remote program.