Task Mapping with Command (for Beginners)

Functional Commands Mapping

Task Command
Build an alternate index. BLDINDEX
Catalog a VSAM file. DEFINE
Catalog a nonVSAM file. DEFINE
Change a file's description in the catalog. ALTER
Convert a VSAM file to sequential format. REPRO
Copy a file. REPRO
Create an alternate index. DEFINE, BLDINDEX
Create a backup copy of a VSAM file. REPRO, EXPORT
Create a catalog entry for a nonVSAM file. DEFINE
Create a nonVSAM file. DEFINE
Create a path. DEFINE
Create a VSAM file. DEFINE
Delete an alternate index. DELETE
Delete a nonVSAM file. DELETE
Delete a path. DELETE
Delete a VSAM file. DELETE
List a file. PRINT
List a file's catalog entry. LISTCAT
Load records into a file. REPRO
Modify a file's description in the catalog. ALTER
Move a file to another system. EXPORT, IMPORT
Print a file PRINT
Recover from loss of data due to improper closing of a file. VERIFY
Recreate a VSAM file from a back up copy. IMPORT
Reorganize a file. REPRO
Rename a file. ALTER
Uncatalog a file. DELETE
Unload a file. REPRO
Unload a catalog to a sequential file. REPRO
Verify end-of-file. VERIFY

Modal Commands Mapping

Task Command
Change flow of control. IF–THEN–ELSE
Control command execution. IF–THEN–ELSE
Set/reset condition codes. SET
Specify processing options. PARM
Specify syntax checking. PARM