IEBGENER Tutorial (for Beginners)


This page describes audiences, objectives, prerequisites, and the topics covered as part of the tutorial.


IEBGENER can convert and copy sequential file data to PDS members and PDS member's data to sequential files. The copy operation can perform on all types of records having various lengths (including record length > 32760 bytes).

IEBGENER uses either a sequential data set or PDS or PDSE member as input and a new or existing sequential data set or a PDS or PDSE member as output.

Objective and Audiences

In this tutorial, all the topics are covered with basic information. So, this tutorial is advised for beginner developers.

If you are looking for in-depth information on IEBGENER tutorial, go through the IEBGENER Tutorial for Experienced


Having the computation background will be an advantage in understanding the concepts a bit easy. Without a computation background, it is a bit time-consuming to understand the concepts and need to go through the topic more than once to understand clearly.

Readers need to have the JCL basic knowledge to understand the IEBGENER concepts easily. Go through the below tutorial -

For extensive information, go through the IEBGENER Tutorial (for Experienced)