Summary -

In this topic, we described about the Convert load to program with detailed example.

IEBCOPY can’t able to directly convert from program objects to load modules and vice versa when loading or unloading a PDSE or PDS. A load operation can reload load modules into PDSor reload program objects into PDSE.

Unloading a PDS can only place load modules into the unload data set. Unloading a PDSE can only place program objects into the unload data set.

To convert an unloaded load module into a program object, reload the load module into a PDS and then copy the PDS to a PDSE. To convert a program object into an unloaded load module, copy the PDSE to a PDS and then unload the PDS.

Program objectsare created automatically when load modules are copied into a PDSE. Program objects are automatically converted back to load modules when they are copied into a partitioned data set.

Some program objects cannot be converted into load modules because they use features of program objects that do not exist in load modules.

If PDS contains both load modules and data members, then PDS have to convert into two separate PDSEs - one for program objects and the second for data members.