Summary -

In this topic, we described about the below sections -

JOB card parameters are treated as global parameters to the specific JOB. JOB card parameters apply to each step of the JOB. JOB card parameters can be ignore if the specific step has any parameters defined.

If any parameter coded at step level and JOB level, the priority is step level parameters and next JOB level parameters. JOB card parameters can be divided into two types based on their usage.

  1. Positional parameters
  2. Keyword parameters.

JOB statement contains two positional parameters, also may contain over 20 keyword parameters. We will discuss about these parameters in the next chapters.

Positional parameters:

The parameters which are very specific to its position in JOB card called positional parameters. Positional parameters information needed for OS.

Positional parameters starts immediately after JOB keyword specified. Positional parameters starting position is 16th column after JOB keyword.Positional parameters are mandatory. There are two positional parameters available in JCL language.

  1. Accounting information
  2. Programmer name

Among the positional parameters programmer name can be bypassed by using ‘,’ which informs the system that programmer name bypassed. Accounting information enclosed with “()” and Programmer name enclosed with ‘’. Accounting information and programmer name separated by comma (,). For positional parameters, order is very important.

Accounting information should provide first followed by programmer name. Accounting information and programmer name are independent and not dependent on any other. Positional parameters can be explained in detail here .

Keyword parameters:-

The parameters apart from positional parameters in JOB Statement are called as Keyword parameters. All Keyword parameters are optional. Keyword parameters can be coded in any order. Keyword parameters follow positional parameter programmer name. Each keyword parameter separated by comma (,). Information passed in Keyword parameters used by the JCL language.

Keyword parameters information applies to all steps in the JOB. Keyword parameters can be specified at the JOB card or at step level. Each keyword parameter is independent and not dependent on any other parameters. Keyword parameters can be explained in detail here.