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REGION parameter is used to specify the size of the central or virtual storage required to execute the step. Region parameter is an optional parameter.REGION parameter can be coded at JOB level and Step level. If the REGION parameter coded at both JOB and Step level, JOB card overrides the Step level parameter.

Syntax -

REGION[.procstepname]=  {valueK}

ValueK ValueK used to specify the storage in Kilo bytes.
ValueK values are 1 to 7 digit decimal numbers.
ValueK values are from 1 through 2096128 KB (2047 MB or 2 GB).
ValueK value should also be the multiples of 4.
ValueM ValueM used to specify the storage in Megabytes.
ValueM values are 1 to 4 digit decimal numbers.
ValueM values are from 1 through 2047 MB (2 GB).
ValueM value can also provide in the multiples of 4.

The maximum value can code in the JOB by using either ValueK or ValueM, is 2GB. If the REGION parameter coded with 0M, then it allocates the maximum available storage below 2GB to the JOB. i.e. REGION=0M/0K specifies the system as REGION=NOLIMIT.

Note! If the memory provided in the REGION parameter was not sufficient to execute the job then, the JOB abends with S422/S822.
If the region size specified is not available below 16 megabytes, the job step abnormally ends with an ABEND822.

Defaults and Overrides:

JOB statement REGION parameter applies to all steps of the job and overrides any EXEC statement REGION parameters.

Note! Code EXEC statement REGION parameters when each job step requires a different region size and avoid coding JOB statement REGION parameter when coding EXEC statement REGION parameter. Otherwise EXEC statement REGION parameter will ignored.

Example 1:


This EXEC statement indicates that the step requires 90K of central storage because of ADDRSPC=REAL.

Example 2:


This EXEC statement indicates that the step requires 90K of virtual storage. Because the ADDRSPC parameter is omitted, the system defaults to ADDRSPC=VIRT.

Example 3:


This EXEC statement calls the cataloged or instream proc MTHPROC. REGION.STEP01 specifies that the step STEP01 in the MTHPROC requires 10K of virtual storage.