Summary -

In this topic, we described about the Unqualified SSA with detailed example.

Only the segment name is provided by the application program. The Segment name can be passed during the call. Unqualified SSA structure will be like below.

Position Description
1-8 Segment name
9 Blank

The declaration of the same structure in COBOL program like below.

   05	FILLER        	PIC X(01)  VALUE SPACE.

An unqualified SSA layout total length is 9 bytes. Segment name occupies 8 bytes in the total layout. SEGMENT-NAME in the above layout represents the segment name.

The last byte always contains space. IMS DL/I use the last byte to determine the type of SSA. It specifies the SEGMENT TYPE the program is get the segment.

Here programmer doesn’t indicate a particular occurrence of a segment because programmer don't care which occurrence of a segment needs to get.

Unqualified SSA always extract first occurrence of the segment. To access a particular segment, move the name of the segment in the SEGMENT-NAME field.