Summary -

In this topic, we described about the Table Like parameter with detailed example.

LIKE used to create a new table as the same as the existing table. In other words, creating a table that has exactly the same name and description as the columns of the identified table or view. The table name specified after LIKE should be identified in the existing system.

Syntax -

	(Column1 data-type [NOT][NULL] [WITH DEFUALT default-value],
	 Column2 data-type [NOT][NULL] [WITH DEFUALT default-value],
	 Column3 data-type [NOT][NULL] [WITH DEFUALT default-value],
	 Column-n data-type [NOT][NULL] [WITH DEFUALT default-value]
	 Primary key/foreign key column1,column2….column-n,
	 [LIKE reference table name]
  ON database-name.tablespace-name)