Programs Classification

A transaction may execute several programs in series to complete its work. The program definition contains one entry for one program used by any application in the CICS system.

CICS applications are conventionally run by submitting a transaction request. Transaction execution consists of running one or more application programs that implements the required function. Application program can be classified as two types based on its way of communication –

  1. Non-conversational Programs
  2. Conversational Programs

Non-conversational Programs -

The programs don’t require any user intervention for execution are called as Non-conversational program. In other words, the programs used for displaying the reports or messages. All the required inputs are available to the program when the execution started.

Conversational programs -

The program requires user intervention to complete the execution are called Conversational program. In other words, the programs require the input from the user and displays the data on the screen after processing.

In CICS, the conversational programs use the pseudo conversation technique to communicate with the user. Pseudo conversation technique discussed in the next chapter.