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VSAM Tutorial Conti...
VOLUME:  VOLUME option is used to list the information about the device type and one or   more  volume serial number of the storage volumes where the dataset resides.   ALLOCATION: ALLOCATION option used to list the information that has been specified for space allocation  including The unit (cylinders, tracks etc), number of allocated units of primary and secondary  space and actual extents. This is displayed only for data and index component entries.   ALL: All the above options details are listed with ALL option.  Example: //JOB CARD //*------------------------------------------- //* IDCAMS - LISTCAT //*------------------------------------------- //STEP01  EXEC PGM=IDCAMS //SYSPRINT  DD SYSOUT=* //SYSIN     DD *           LISTCAT -                ENTRIES(userid.KSDS.LISTCAT) -                CLUSTER -                ALL /* IDCAMS - PRINT: PRINT command used to print the contents of a dataset.   The output can be made available on various formats like CHAR, HEX and DUMP.    PRINT       {INFILE(ddname[/password])|                                      INDATASET(entryname[/password])}                             [CHARACTER|DUMP|HEX]                                           [FROMKEY(key)|FROMADDRESS(address)|                              FROMNUMBER(number)|SKIP(number)]                             [OUTFILE(ddname)]                                              [TOKEY(key)|TOADDRESS(address)|                                  TONUMBER(number)|COUNT(number)]   PRINT-CHAR/HEX/DUMP:  This specifies the format of the output in which format(CHAR/HEX/DUMP) it is going to print.  PRINT-SKIP, COUNT, FROM and TO: The above option is used to select the records to be printed can be selected in the same way records are  selected in REPRO to COPY.  Where to start printing Where to stop printing Where used SKIP(number) COUNT(number) KSDS, ESDS, RRDS, NON-VSAM FROMKEY(key-values) TOKEY(key-value) KSDS, ALTERNATE INDEX FROMADDRESS(RBA) TOADDRESS(RBA) KSDS, ESDS FROMNUMBER(RRN) TONUMBER(RRN) RRDS
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