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Procedures are mainly used to define set of frequently executing job control statements and will execute wherever it is needed by using the procedure name.

The procedures in JCL are also called as PROCEDURE.

There are mainly two types of proc’s based on the usage how they coded in the JOB.



	//procname PROC   parameter[comments]

PROC statement can be divided into the below parts.

  • PROCname
  • Operation
  • Parameters
  • Comment

Let’s discuss one by one in detail.


PROCname is of length 8 characters.

Allows the combination alphabets, numbers, @, # and $.

PROCname naming standards:

• The PROCname must begin in column 3.

• The PROCname of 8 characters length which allows alphabets (A-Z), numbers (0-9) and $, #, @ characters

• The first character must be alphabet, $, # and @.

• The PROCname must be followed by at least one blank.


Operation field describes about the type of operand.

Operation is nothing but PROC.

Operation is of length 4 characters.

Operation can be start at any column.


Parameters assign the default values to the symbolic parameters which are coded with PROCEDUREs.

If the parameter field is coded, there should be one blank after Operation field.


Comment used to make a note of current statement.

Comment can be code in any column between 17th to 72 columns.

Procedures Modification:

Procedures can be used in many places. But in all the places same information will not be used to execute the same procedure.

The data can be modified in the procedure by sending form step where the proc coded to execute.

This can be done in three ways.

1. Addition

2. Override

3. Remove or Nullify


Addition of procedure I used to add some additional parameters to the already created PROC step.


Override can be used to override some parameters coded in procedure by sending with new value which is required to execute the step.

Remove or Nullify:

Remove or Nullify is used to remove the parameters value which is coded in the Procedure.

The default values will be apply to the parameters once it got removed.

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JCL COPYLIB JCL Instream Procedure