JCL Priority Parameter

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PRTY controls the JOB execution by giving a priority to JOB.

PRTY determines the priority of JOBs within the same CLASS.

PRTY can be referred with Numeric number with the range of 0-15.

Higher number will have the higher priority during the execution.

JOB execution priority is always decided based on the CLASS category.

If two submitted JOBs have the same CLASS, then highest priority JOB completed first and lowest priority job completed last even though lowest priority job submitted first.

In PRTY, Highest numbers have highest priority and lowest number have lowest priority.

PRTY will have the values for 0-15.

In PRTY, highest priority is 15.

Syntax with JOB card:
	//JOB-NAME JOB (ACCT-INFO),’PROGR-NAME’, CLASS=class-name, MSGCLASS=msg-class, 
	//   MSGLEVEL (M1, M2), PRTY=priority-number, keyword-parameters

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JCL MSGLEVEL Parameter JCL TIME Parameter