JCL Msgclass Parameter

JCL Class Parameter JCL MSGLEVEL Parameter


MSGCLASS parameters used to describe where the JCL messages routed.

MSGCLASS always referred with one letter and allows alphabetic (A-Z characters), numeric (0-9) as well.

MSGCLASS type predefined by system during system installation and every MSGCLASS type has its own characteristics.

Each MSGCLASS is mapped to a device or location.

MSGCLASS specifies the output class for the job log.

MSGCLASS can be useful to hold the system output after JOB execution completed.

MSGCLASS always has the default value (A) if it not explicitly coded.

MSGCLASS is related to a specific output device.

MSGCLASS is installation dependent

Syntax with JOB card:
		//JOB-NAME JOB (ACCT-INFO),’PROGR-NAME’, CLASS=class-name, MSGCLASS=msg-class, keyword-parameters

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JCL Class Parameter JCL MSGLEVEL Parameter