JCLLIB statement is used to identify the names of the private libraries that the system uses for the job.

Two major things that the system searches in the libraries for

	- Procedures on any EXEC statements 
	- Groups of JCL statements on any INCLUDE statements. 

JCLLIB identify the names of the system procedure libraries that system uses for JOB.

JCLLIB also identify the installation-defined procedure libraries that the system uses for JOB.

JCLLIB identify the order in which the libraries are to be searched.

The system searches the libraries in the order which specified on the JCLLIB statement.

The JCLLIB statement allows to code, use procedures and INCLUDE

The private library in the place of system procedure libraries.

The usage of system procedure libraries is not mandatory.

Maximum one JCLLIB can be coded per one JOB.


	//[name] JCLLIB ORDER=(library) [comments] 

The JCLLIB statement consists of the characters // in columns 1 and 2 as usual.

The other is name, operation (JCLLIB), keyword parameter (ORDER) and comments.

If only one library is listed in the search order, the parentheses are optional.

If the libraries are more than one then those needs to be coded in more than one line and the second line beginning in any column from 4 to 16.

JCLLIB is a JCL statement that allows the user to specify his own PROCLIBs and/or specify the order in which they're searched to find the PROCEDURES invoked in the JCL.

JCLLIB is a JCL keyword used for defining the Catalogued procedure

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