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IMS DB is first database management system which is created by IBM. IMS databases are hierarchical in other words it contains tree structures. All access is through the predefined paths which are created in the tree structure. IMS DB is highly structured database. All access to IMS database is through the interface modules called DL/I. The DL/I interface must be called for every time reading or updating a database.

IMS DB in mainframe environment used to process the database in hierarchical model rather than the regular relational model. IMS DB mainly used in retail applications where the processing fully depends on agents.


Readers who are having or not having mainframe knowledge.


The tutorial is intended for the readers with a little mainframe experience as the tutorial mainly focuses on how it is used in mainframe environment. In the tutorial, all the topics are covered with in depth description and can understandable by anyone who had minimum computation background.


Need to learn COBOL if learning the IMS DB for coding in COBOL programs. Learn COBOL tutorial at COBOL Tutorial .

There are no prerequisites to learn IMS DB if learning the IMS DB only to know how the hierarchical database working in mainframe system. Having the computation background will be an advantage in understanding the concepts a bit easy. Without having computation background, it is a bit time taking to understand the concepts and need to go through the topic more than once to understand clearly.

Table of contents:

  1. IMSDB - Introduction
  2. IMSDB - Orgnizations & Access methods
  3. IMSDB - Hierachical sequential access datasets
  4. IMSDB - Hierachical direct access datasets
  5. IMSDB - Physical View
  6. IMSDB - Hierarchical Database Structure
  7. IMSDB - Segment
  8. IMSDB - Fields
  9. IMSDB - Database Path
  10. IMSDB - Characterstics
  11. IMSDB - DL/I Control Blocks
  12. IMSDB - Program coding
  13. IMSDB - Program entry point
  14. IMSDB - Communication with IMS
  15. IMSDB - PCB
  16. IMSDB - PCB Mask
  17. IMSDB - IO Area
  18. IMSDB - SSA
  19. IMSDB - Command codes
  20. IMSDB - Data Management calls
  21. IMSDB - Functions
  22. IMSDB - Database positions
  23. IMSDB - Path Calls
  24. IMSDB - Secondary Index
  25. IMSDB - Checkpoint
  26. IMSDB - Restart
  27. IMSDB - Status Codes

Tutorials Library IMS DB Introduction