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COBOL Tutorial Conti...
Coding Sheet: 0---------6 7 8-----11 12----------------------------------------------------72 73----------80 o 0-3 ----- Page number. o 3-6 ----- Line number. o 7th column ----- *, -, /,D 1) * ----- Comment. 2) - ----- Continuation of a particular statement. 3)  / ----- Printer stopper. 4) D ----- Debugging Indicator. o 8-72 ----- Divided into 1) 8-11 ----- Area A (all divisions/sections/paragraphs/01/77). 2) 12-72 ----- Area B (all statements). o 73-80 ----- System generated number. The structure of COBOL programs COBOL programs are hierarchical in structure. Each element of the hierarchy consists of one or more subordinate elements. The hierarchy consists of Divisions, Sections, Paragraphs, Sentences and Statements Divisions: A division is nothing but a block of code, which contains one or more sections. Normally Division starts where the division name is encountered and ends at the beginning of the next division or at the end of the program. Sections: A section is nothing but a block of code which contains one or more paragraphs. Normally section begins with the section name and ends where the next section name is encountered or at the end of the program. Ex: CAL-BUILD-PREM SECTION. Paragraphs: A paragraph is nothing but a block of code which contains one or more sentences. A paragraph begins with the paragraph name and ends at the next paragraph or section name or at the end of the program. Ex: NEW-COV-LIMIT-VERIFY Sentences: A sentence contains of one or more statements and those are marked with a period at the last line and not in the middle. Ex: MOVE A TO B. Statements: A statement consists of a COBOL verb and an operand or operands.  Ex: ADD A TO B GIVING C.
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