COBOL Working Storage Section

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WORKING-STORAGE SECTION is used to define the general variables, the additional sections under it.

WORKING-STORAGE SECTION defines the data names that the program needs for internal manipulations of data.

WORKING-STORAGE SECTION fields used for internal usage in the program and will not be accessed outside of the program.

All the WORKING-STORAGE SECTION fields will be initialized when the program execution starts.

Memory will allocated to all WORKING-STORAGE SECTION fields when the execution starts and memory will be de-allocated when the execution ends.

WORKING-STORAGE SECTION used for temporary storage for fields declared in the same section during the execution of the program.

WORKING-STORAGE SECTION reserves the memory which is not included in the input or output of the program.


	[Working-storage fields declaration]

Let’s take simple example to display the working storage fields which are already initialized during the declaration.


01 level number will be coded in Area-A always.
All other level numbers will be coded in Area-B always.

Practical Example:

A simple program shows the variables declaration in working-storage section

Program code:


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