COBOL 77 Level number

COBOL Renames Clause COBOL 88 Level Number

Noncontiguous data items or constants that are not subdivided and no hierarchical relationship to another data items.

These data items are only defined in the WORKING-STORAGE and LINKAGE SECTIONs.

Noncontiguous data items use 77 level number.

Each name used for a noncontiguous data item must be unique since it cannot be qualified.

For example, COUNTER is incrementer and MID-TOTALS is an intermediate variable.

Because they are not subdivided, and they have no immediate relationship to any other data items, they are described using level 77 entries.

77 level variable is used for independent data item and it has no other sub level declaration.

Level 77 can’t be subdivided to another item nor they can’t be sub divided by themselves.

Level 77 reduce usage of memory during runtime with no extra byte being used hence it has no chance to add elementary items.


  1. Is used for independent data items.
  2. Must be declared in AREA A

Practical Example:

How 77 level number(noncontigious) will be declared in the program




COBOL Renames Clause COBOL 88 Level Number