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CICS Tutorial Conti...
Types of MAPs: There are two types of MAPs based on the compilation status. 1. Physical MAP 2. Symbolic MAP Physical MAP:   Controls the screen alignment, sending/receiving data to/from a terminal. Physical map coded with using BMS macros, assembled and link edited into CICS LOAD LIBRARY. Physical MAP mainly ensure that the device independence in application programs. Symbolic MAP:   Define the map fields used to store the variable data to use it in COBOL program. Symbolic Map also coded with BMS macros. After assembling, symbolic MAPs are stored in copy library. When those are used in the program with COPY, those will copied into CICS region. Symbolic MAP mainly ensure that device and format independence to the application programs.         How the symbolic MAP created?       Physical map used by end user to enter the data. Symbolic map variables are used by application programmer for validation of data.  For every field in CICS 5 symbolic variables are generated.  I - Input  O - Output  F - Field  L - Length  A - Attribute 
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