CICS Receive Map CICS Send Text

Returns the program control back.

Returns the control to the next logical higher level.

If the program is triggered from a LINK command, then control returns to the calling program.

If the program is directly triggered from Transaction triggering, control will return to the CICS region.

If the RETURN executed without any parameters, both control and COMMAREA are handed over to calling program.

If no logical higher level there, control return to CICS.

If the RETURN has TRANSID parameter coded along with it, then the transaction provided with TRANSID will start triggering.




Lets discuss each one individually.


Specifies the transaction name that needs to be executed immediately.

Transaction name must be of 4 characters and should be defined in CICS region.

The TRANSID is not valid when the program is communicating with the programs that are existed in remote region(Advanced program to program communications – APPC).

APPC communications called as Distributed Transaction Programming(DTP).


Specifies the communication area which needs to available for the next program which receives the control.

The commarea should be defined as DFHCOMMAREA.

The COMMAREA parameter is valid when the control is transferring to the next highest logical level.

For the above case, there is no need to specify the COMMAREA along with RETURN and it automatically sends the COMMAREA along with control.

COMMAREA length should be in between 1 and 32767.


IMMEDIATE option can be used to trigger the next transaction provided in TRANSID immediately.

If IMMEDIATE option not specified along with RETURN, then it will put the current program in ATI queue and start executing the programs as per ATI queue feed.


Specifies the length of the COMMAREA in bytes.

LENGTH field is of 4 bytes.

If any negative value supplied, ZERO will be assumed as length.


Specifies the data to pass the transaction identified by the TRANSID option or calling a program in multi region environment.


Specifies the length of the INPUTMSG.

INPUTMSGLEN is a half word binary value.

Error Conditions:


INVREQ error occurs in below scenarios depending on the RETURN Conditions.

• RETURN command is issued with TRANSID which is not locally defined.

• RETURN command issued with TRANSID which is not related to the terminal.

• RETURN command with INPUTMSG that is not associated with terminal.

• RETURN command is issued with a program invoked by DPL.

• RETURN command with COMMAREA, IMMDEIATE options is issued by a program which is not at highest logical level.

CICS Receive Map CICS Send Text