CICS LOAD Statement CICS File Handling

RELEASE performs the exact contradicting action what LOAD performs.

RELEASE releases the loaded application table or application program or map set from the main memory.


      RELEASE PROGRAM(prog-name)


Program name is mandatory entry in RELEASE command.

Program name is of 8 characters length which includes alphanumeric characters.

Program id and program name should be same in each case.

When the RELASE is executed, the CICS will check the load in main memory.

If the program already loaded to main memory, then releases the load from main memory. Otherwise, the RELASE request will be ignored.

Program-name can be either the application table or map set.

The application table or map set should be defined in program definition table.

RELASE also releases the load which is loaded by using LOAD with HOLD option.

An application program can’t load another application program by issuing RELEASE command.

The Request will be ignored even if the application program triggered a RELEASE command.

Error Conditions:


PGMIDERR occurs in the following conditions.

• The application program or map set has no entry in program definitions.

• Program entry disabled.


Resource security check fails on the program name.

CICS LOAD Statement CICS File Handling