CICS Send Map CICS Return

Used to receive the information entered by the user into application program.

In other words, receives the screen input into the application data area.



     RECEIVE MAP(map-name)

Along with RECEIVE MAP command, the cursor position will be placed in EIBCPOSN and terminal attention identifier information stored in EIBAID.

Let’s discuss about each option in detail.

MAP (map-name):

Specifies the map name that used to identify the map.

Map name can be upto 7 characters long.

Map name is an optional entry in RECEIVE MAP.

If the Map name is not a literal, SET or INTO is required.

If SET or INTO is not specified, it will try to INTO the data area to the map name.


Specifies the map set name that used to be added under.

Mapset name can be 7 character long and contains alphabetic and numbers.

Mapset should be defined under program definitions.

Mapset should be resides under CICS maps directory.

Providing Mapset information is optional in RECEIVE MAP.

If the Mapset information is not provided, CICS assumes that MAP name as a MAPSET name.


Specifies the data area where the needs to be received from Screen or data needs to be written.

If INTO is not coded, then CICS automatically finds the symbolic map area for the particular MAP and places the data to the corresponding input fields.

The values of the field can be read in the program by referring to fieldname+I.


Specifies the pointer reference to the map data stored in the memory location.

Pointer concept will be used in mostly distributed environment where the transaction needs to be run on the remote system.

Pinter reference will be valid until another program called from the current program or another terminal control command.

In other words, the pointer reference will be valid until the control moved out of the program.


Specifies the data area that is to be mapped by a RECEIVE MAP command.


Specifies from where the data needs to read from originated transaction.

When FROM and LENGTH specified, it will take from corresponding group data items.

TERMINAL is default where FROM and LENGTH is not specified.


Specifies the data entered to the screen will not be converted to upper case.

Used to receive both upper and lower case data from MAP.

ASIS option has no impact on RECEIVE MAP command.

Error Conditions:


INVMPSZ error occurs in two scenarios

1. MAP is too wide for the terminal.

2. MAP is too long for the terminal.


INVREQ error occurs in below scenarios depending on the RECEIVE MAP Conditions.

1. RECEIVE MAP command issued in task which is not related to the terminal.

2. Remotely linked program tries to execute RECEIVE MAP command that refers

3. An attempt to issue RECEIVE MAP command from remote linked program that might be from different region.


MAPFAIL occurs if the data mapped is of length of ZERO.

MAP doesn’t contain a Self-Buffer-Address(SBA) sequence.

CICS Send Map CICS Return