CICS Commarea CICS Temporary Storage Queue

Queues are used to pass the huge data between the programs.

Most of the cases queues can be used to make avail more than 32K length data between the programs

Queues can pass the data between the transactions in the same region.

Sometimes Queues can also pass the data between multiple regions.

Queues can be of two types

  • TSQ
  • TDQ

Let’s discuss one by one in detail.

TSQ (Temporary Storage Queue):

Temporary Storage Queue is the facility to pass the huge information between the transactions.

The data can be stored in Temporary Storage Queue as data items.

The data item can be referred with relative number from the starting point.

The items can be read sequentially, dynamically and randomly by using relative number in TSQ.

Temporary Storage Queue names can be 16 char which is a combination of alphanumeric characters.

TSQ can be explained in detail here .

TDQ (Transient Data Queue):

Transient Data Queues can only read once.

Records in TDQ can be read sequentially.

TDQ is read destructive.

Data will be erased from the queue once the record read in the application program.

Record in a TDQ cannot be updated.

TDQs name must first be defined in the DCT (Destination Control Table).

TDQ can be explained in detail here .

CICS Commarea CICS Temporary Storage Queue