CICS Program Compilation Process


We already discussed the COBOL + DB2 program compilation in the DB2 tutorial.

Here one more step will be added to compile the CICS part called CICS Translator.

The sequence of the Compilation process is like below.

DB2 Pecompilation process:

	DB2 Pre compiler
	CICS Translator
	COBOL Compiler

DB2 Pre-compiler will separate the DB2 statements from the program.

So the Translation of the CICS statements will be easy if it is done after the pre-compilation process. This is why the translation process will be done after pre-compilation process.

Sometimes, pre-compilation and CICS translation process may be vice versa. But it will not be a problem except the translator will through the diagnostic messages for DB2 statements.

Because CICS translator tries to recognize the DB2 statements but can’t recognizes those. So it will throw the Diagnostic messages.

The job of CICS translator is, it will convert the CICS commands to COBOL call statements and will pass the modified source to COBOL Compiler.

The compiler options for COBOL and CICS program is RESIDENT RENT & NODYNAM.