CICS Program Compilation Process CICS MAPs Creation using BMS

MAPS is one of the communication interfaces between the CICS and User.

MAP is nothing but the screen which is designed in such away to enter the data by the user.

MAP contains fields which are used to enter the data by the user and to display the data after the processing completed.

MAPs are added to the MAPSET and MAPSET contains different MAPs added.

MAP hierarchy:

Types of MAPs:

There are two types of MAPs based on the compilation status.

  1. Physical MAP
  2. Symbolic MAP

Physical MAP:

Physical maps controls screen alignment of MAP.

Physical maps used to displaying and receiving of constants and data to and from terminal.

Physical map is the load module.

Physical map is the screen that will use to enter the data or input the data.

Physical map can be coded by using BMS macros.

Physical map assembled and link edited into CICS LOAD LIBRARY.

Physical map ensure that the device independence in application programs.

Physical map denotes the display format of the terminal.

Physical map contains the details of unnamed fields and attribute, position and length details of named fields.

Physical map is stored along with the host language program.

Symbolic MAP:

Symbolic Map is the copy library member.

Symbolic map is used in application program to defining and accessing fields in the screen.

Symbolic map can be used to define the map fields used to store the variable data to use it in COBOL program.

Symbolic Map also coded with BMS macros.

After assembling, symbolic MAPs are stored in copy library.

When symbolic maps are used in the program with COPY, those will copied into CICS region.

Symbolic Map mainly ensures that device and format independence to the application programs.

Symbolic Map consists of all the named fields and for each named field four fields (Length,flag,attribute and the original Value) will be created.

Some characteristics:

  1. MAPSET & MAPS are 1-8 character used defined name.
  2. No restriction on length of field.
  3. For every field has 2 DFHMSD’s are used.

CICS Program Compilation Process CICS MAPs Creation using BMS