CICS BMS Map Creation


MAPs can be created by using different tools for CICS environment.

Most of the systems use SDF tool for screen designing.

Any tool used to create a MAP will automatically generates BMS macros for the designed screen.

BMS is abbreviated as Basic Mapping Support.

The screen designed by using BMS Macros is called as MAP and one or more of MAPs group will create MAPSET.

Let’s discuss the options for creating MAPs and MAPSETs with BMS macros.

Basic macros to create the MAPs and MAPSETs are

  1. MAPSET : DFHMSD (Define field hierarchy map set definition)
  2. MAPS : DFHMDI (Define field hierarchy map definition interface)
  3. FIELDS : DFHMDF (Define field hierarchy map definition field)

Let's discuss about BMS macros one by one.


• Mapset definition.

• This BMS macro is used to define a MAPSET with its characteristic.

• This also used to end of the MAPSET to end the MPASET coding.

• In the MAP coding, two DFHMSD will exist.

DFHMSD macro can be explained in detail here .


• Partition definition.

• Defines a map within the mapset that was defined by DFHMSD.

• Used to define a map with its characteristics in MAPSET.

• DFHMDI can be multiples for the different MAPs.

DFHMDI macro can be explained in detail here .


• Specifies to define a field with its characteristics in a map.

• There will be multiple number of DFHMDF entries in DFHMDI.

• DFHMDI will have the one to one entry of the field in the MAP.

DFHMDF macro can be explained in detail here .