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Customer Infromation Control System(CICS) FAQs Conti...
What is the function of the CICS translator? The CICS translator converts the EXEC CICS commands into call statements for a specific programming language. There are CICS translators for Assembler, COBOL, and PL/1. Explain the term Transaction routing? Transaction routing is a CICS mode of intercommunication which allows a terminal connected to local CICS to execute another transaction owned by a remote CICS. Explain the term Function Request Shipping? Function request shipping is one of the CICS modes of intercommunication which allows an application program in a local CICS to access resources owned by a remote CICS. Explain the term “MRO” (Multi Region Operation)? MRO is the mechanism by which different CICS address spaces with in the same  CPU can communicate and share resources. Name some common CICS service programs and explain their usage? Terminal Control, File Control,  Task Control, Storage Control, etc.  Each CICS services program controls the usage and status for its resource (file, terminal, etc) within the CICS region. What is meant by a CICS task? A CICS task exists from the time the operator presses the enter key until the application program returns control to CICS. What are the DB2 steps required to migrate a CICS DB2 program from source code to load module? A DB2 precompiler processes some SQL statements and converts others. It creates a data base request module (DBRM) for the binding step.  The bind process uses the DBRM to create an application plan, which specifies the techniques DB2 will use to process the embedded SQL statements. The link/edit step includes an interface to the CICS/DB2 attachment facility. Name some translator and compile options and explain their meaning? For translator SOURCE option prints the program listing, DEBUG enables EDF and COBOL2 alerts the system to use the COBOL II compiler.  For the compiler XREF prints a sorted data cross reference and FDUMP prints a formatted dump if the program abends. What do the terms locality of reference and working set mean? They refer to CICS efficiency techniques. Locality of reference requires that the application program should consistently reference instructions and data within a relatively small number of pages.  The working set is the number of program pages needed by a task. What is the significance of RDO? RDO is Resource Definition Online. Since release 1.6 RDO allows resources (terminals, programs, transactions and files) to be defined interactively while CICS is running. What is the CICS LOAD command? The LOAD command retrieves an object program from disk and loads it into main storage - it's primarily used for a constant table that will be available system-wide.  
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