About Us

MAINFRAMESTECHHELP started with the concept of online learning and to deliver online content for readers to have the flexibility of learning from anytime and anywhere.

Our journey was started with MAINFRAMESTECHHELP in 2012, which contains all mainframe related tutorials.

The content available on MAINFRAMESTECHHELP at free of cost to encourage the readers to learn and gain expertise on their desired skills.

The declaration from our side is, No Conditions and No restrictions. We will not force any one to go through our website. We always stick to the word of “Only Learning”.

The readers can provide suggestions to us at suggestions


MAINFRAMESTECHHELP objective is to deliver the point to point online content on various Mainframe technologies to encourage the reader to learn and gain expertise on their desired skills without any conditions and restrictions.

The readers can contact us for any concerns at Contact us

Who We Are

We(MAINFRAMESTECHHELP) is a mainframe community and created to provide the help for all mainframes related technical needs for the people who are all in need.

What We published


MAINFRAMESTECHHELP provides the below list of tutorials for mainframe learners as of today.

Interview Questions

MAINFRAMESTECHHELP also provides interview questions on below technologies which can help to refresh the skills before going to interviews.


MAINFRAMESTECHHELP also published idcams tutorial under utilities section.